New York
41.736896, -74.1947582
The Gunks is one of the best climbing area in the East Coast. It takes about two hours to drive there from the heart of Manhattan. There are plenty of bouldering problems and rope climbing routes in the area.

1. hoyt_austin 283 points

2. takuto 188 points

3. zahgck 34 points

4. bobbyshih 21 points

5. thepebblewrestler 9 points

6. jtrotter 8 points

7. Mix_Royce 8 points

8. Takamin 2 points


takuto sent V5 Million Dollar Problem on 04/07/2019

thepebblewrestler sent V0 Boulder of the Gods on 01/12/2019

thepebblewrestler sent V4 Lorax on 01/12/2019

hoyt_austin sent V8 Marrekesh Into Dyno on 12/26/2018

hoyt_austin sent V8 Sting Right on 12/26/2018

hoyt_austin sent V8 Scissor Action on 12/26/2018

hoyt_austin sent V4 The swoop on 12/26/2018

bobbyshih sent V6 Alex's Problem on 11/11/2018

Takamin sent V0 Boulder of the Gods on 10/21/2018

Takamin sent V0 Welcome Boulder Problem on 10/21/2018

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