New York
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The Gunks is one of the best climbing area in the East Coast. It takes about two hours to drive to the Gunks from the heart of Manhattan. There are two main parking lots, West Trapps Trailhead Parking and Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center. West Trapps Trailhead Parking is near the entrance of the Undercliff Road. It is the closest parking lot to the boulders like Suzie A V1, The Lorax V4, The Gill Egg V4, and Million Dollar Problem V5. The parking lot is small and it is usually full by 11AM if the weather is good. Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center parking lot is much bigger, and if you are lucky you can drive all the way in and park next to the entrance of the Stairmaster area. As the name suggests, you have to walk up the stairs to get to the main Undercliff road, but it makes the approach to many boulders shorter by about 10 minutes.

Most of the boulders are located alongside the Undercliff Road, which is a well maintained gravel trail where many people come to hike or bike. Since most of the boulders are out in somewhat open area, most of the boulders dries up even if it rains the previous day.

Phone signals are good in this area except in the West Trapps Parking Lot, so you should be able to use this guide without a problem. Though, you can always use the “Download” feature on the guidebook page to get the pdf version of the guide to read offline.


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